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Welcome to Learn Hot Guitar!

My name is Marcel and I have been playing guitar for over 25 years!

We are happy to bring you lots of free guitar lessons with the emphasis on learning songs. It doesn’t matter whether you have never played before or if you’ve been playing for a while you are sure to get something out of the lessons.

Our lessons are dividend into many categories including beginner, blues, jazz, rock etc. Just click on the relevant header above.

All the lessons are absolutely free so dig in and learn at your own pace.

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Guitar Lessons in Cork

While free online lessons are great you will benefit more by following instruction from a real live guitar teacher.

To receive guitar lessons in Cork (Model Farm Road) contact me on my Facebook page or email me at springmusic at hotmail dot com.

Generally lessons are given Thursday and Saturday mornings as well as Thursday evenings.

If these times don’t suit let me know and perhaps we could discuss an alternative time.

The cost is 15 Euro for half an hour and 25 Euro for an hour.

The Most Important Lesson To Learn

If I had to give just one guitar or music lesson this would be it and if I had to summarise it in one sentence it would be as follows:

Learn to play by ear.

Please don’t click away now as developing your ear is the absolute most important thing that a musician could do.

Why? Because music is a hearing art.

Admittedly when I started playing my ear was really bad. In fact it was terrible. However over time my ear has actually become quite decent.

To improve your ear try these exercises

  1. Put on a song and try to play back what the guitarist (or any other musician) is playing. I started with really simple relaxation piano music and I tried to play back the right hand of the pianist.The point is don’t jump in and try to play back Eddie Van Halen solo’s immediately. Start at a level at which you can start to play back the music correctly.

2. Sing a few notes and try to play them back on the guitar

3. Alternatively play a few notes on the guitar and sing them back in tune.

4. Sing scales, first along with your guitar then without

5. Learn to sing and play at the same time

Try all the above exercises however to really learn music you should transcribe often.

Transcribing is detailed above in 1. Put on a tune and try to play it back.

When doing this you will learn so many things including;

  • the phrasing of your favourite artist (or whoever you are transcribing)
  • the attack on the strings
  • the notes to play over chords
  • cool little melodic fragments that you can use in your own improvisations
  • the sound and function of all instruments on the recording
  • much more

You are really delving into music when transcribing as you are concentrating intently on what is happening in a few seconds of music.

Sooner or later all of this starts coming out in your own music and this will help you;

  • write better music
  • hear better in jam sessions
  • become more musical!!

There’s an old musician saying that goes “The answer to all your questions are in your living room!”

And it’s true! Simply pull out your CD’s and start listening and transcribing!